New Edition of JAS: Art and Cultural Production in the GCC

Journal of Arabian Studies: Vol 7, No 1 -


  1. Introduction: Art and Cultural Production in the GCC by SUZI MIRGANI
  2. Authenticating an Emirati Art World: Claims of Tabula Rasa and Cultural Appropriation in the UAE by ELIZABETH DERDERIAN 
  3. Of “Gray Lists” and Whitewash: An Aesthetics of (Self-)Censorship and Circumvention in the GCC Countries by NANCY DEMERDASH 
  4. Utopian Ideals, Unknowable Futures, and the Art Museum in the Arabian Peninsula by KAREN EXELL 
  5. Contemporary Art and Global Identity in the Arabian Peninsula and Azerbaijan by LESLEY GRAY
  6. Reflections on Public Art in the Arabian Peninsula by NADIA MOUNAJJED
  7. Contemporary Art and Migrant Identity “Construction” in the UAE and Qatar by SARINA WAKEFIELD


  1. KHALID AL-GHARABALLI, “Poor Image” exhibition at the Sultan Gallery, reviewed by ABDULLAH AL-MUTAIRI
  2. ANTHONY DOWNEY, (ed.), Future Imperfect: Contemporary Art Practices and Cultural Institutions in the Middle East (2016), reviewed by KATARZYNA FALECKA
  3. Architecture and Urbanism in the Gulf: A Conversation with Atlas Bookstore’s Fatma Al Sehlawi by MATT HALL
  4. NADIA MOUNAJJED, (ed.), Visual Culture(s) in the Gulf: An Anthology (2016), reviewed by UZMA Z. RIZVI

This special issue is the result of a two-year research initiative undertaken by the Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at Georgetown University in Qatar. Directed by Mehran
Kamrava, the project was developed and supported by the CIRS team: Zahra Babar, Elizabeth Wanucha, Islam Hassan, Jackie Starbird, Misba Bhatti, Mohammed Al Jaberi, Waleed Zahoor, and Haya Al-Noaimi, former CIRS research analyst. This special issue would not have been possible without the meticulous guidance of James Onley, Editor of the Journal of Arabian Studies, and Laurence Goodchild, Managing Editor of Area Studies at Taylor & Francis Group. A very special thanks goes to Fatemeh Teimoorzadeh, Lindy Ayubi, and Jessica Jacobs who diligently worked on the technical side of these articles.