Panels 2011

MESA 2011 (Washington, DC)

P2718: Memory, History and Forgetting in the Arab Gulf (Farah Al- Nakib and Mai Al-Nakib)
Presenters: Farah Al-Nakib, Mai Al-Nakib, Matthew S. Hopper, Mandana Limbert
Chair/Discussant: Nelida Fuccaro

P2759: New Perspectives on Citizenship in the Gulf (Kristan Smith Diwan)
Presenters: Kristen Smith Diwan, Manal Jamal, Roel Meijer, Gwenn Okruhlik
Discussant: Noora Lori
Chair: Mary Ann Fay

P2746: Self-Craft and State-Craft in Qatar and Kuwait:  National Identity, Education and Political Discourse (Fahed al Sumait and Rania al Nakib)
Presenters: Rania Al-Nakib, Talal Al-Rashoud, Ali Al-Shawi and Andrew Gardner, Fahed Al-Sumait, Ildiko Kaposi
Discussant: Mary Anne Tetreault
Chair: Fahed Al-Sumait