FilmFest 2013

Click here to download a PDF of the 2013 films.

Dinosaur (Kuwait)
Directed by Meqdad al-Kout,

Government employee Bu Mansour strives to change his job title before his retirement. (2013, 21 min)

Ka'bool (Kuwait)
Directed by Musaed al-Mutairi,

Khalid/Ka’bool is a stateless (bidoun) father of six who works at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. His troubles are compounded when he is fired from his job. (2013, 23 min)

Crossing (Oman)
Directed by Maitham al-Musawi,

A young boy who has recently lost his mother believes in a world beyond his playground swing. He attempts to cross into that world. (2013, 7 min)

The Masked (Qatar)
Directed by Tarek Abu-Esber,

Every afternoon, Ahmed al-Jaber drives along Doha’s corniche in his intricately decorated vehicle. What motivates him to put on this daily spectacle? (2012, 6 min)

Back Seat (Saudi Arabia)
Directed by Hend al-Fahhaad,

A woman has to get to work but must, as usual, take the back seat, putting herself in the hands of a reckless and arrogant driver. (2013, 12 min)

Scrap (Saudi Arabia)
Directed by Bader al-Homoud,

An old woman and a young girl live off metal scraps they collect and sell. (2013, 13 min)

Collecting My Passion (UAE)
Directed by Mariam Khanji and Meera al-Mutawa,;

A documentary about three Emirati collectors of medical records, antiques, and baby booties respectively and the nature of their singular passions. (2013, 11 min)

The Gamboo’a Revolution (UAE)
Directed by Abdulrahman al-Madani,

Does the gamboo’a, or beehive, worn under the hijab contradict the scarf’s role as a symbol of modesty? This documentary explores the debate. (2012, 17 min)

Guilt (UAE)
Directed by Abdulrahman al-Madani,

A young boy’s daily routine is interrupted by strange events that begin to happen around him. (2013, 6 min)

Half Emirati (UAE)
Directed by Amal al-Agroobi,

Five Emirati nationals of mixed parentage share their observations about what it is like to inhabit their complex, in between position. (2012, 10 min)

Living in Limbo (UAE)
Directed by Haneen al-Hammadi and Fatima Abdulrahim,

This documentary examines the challenges faced by an ex-detainee trying to reintegrate into society and the role people can play to help facilitate the process. (2013, 12 min)

Moments (UAE)
Directed by Ebrahim al-Rasbi,

Two individuals reminisce and share stories about their deceased friend. (2013, 8 min)

Murk Light(UAE)
Directed by Yasir al-Yasiri,

Teenage friends Ibrahim and Hassan set off on a trip from their village to the city. As they journey together on top of a bus, they take a look back at the past. (2012, 20 min)

Souvenirs from Candy Land (UAE)
Directed by Amani al-Owais,

A documentary exploration of some of the reasons behind the recent rise in substance abuse in the UAE. (2013, 16 min)

Photo (Yemen)
Directed by Sawsan al-Areeqe,

Co-sponsored with the American Institute for Yemeni Studies Women shadow men in a patriarchal society, but some women will always fight to overcome their oppression and carve out a better path for themselves. (2012, 4 min)