FilmFest 2012

Click here to download a PDF of the 2012 films.

The Power of Generations (Bahrain)
Directed by Mohammed Jassim, mohd-vfx@hotmail.comA man on a bench in the middle of the desert watches the world around him develop. Deserts turn into pastures, then modern buildings. Global wars break out but eventually the desert returns. (2011, 3 min)
The Winds Are Fair, Same as Our Intentions (Kuwait)
Directed by Shakir Abal,, +965-99702558This documentary traces the history of Kuwait’s cosmopolitan seafaring past through a series of images, music, and poetry. It recounts how Captain Abbas bin Nikhi smuggled guns from Muscat, cleverly eluding the British navy. (2012, 22 min)
Wonderland: A True Story (Kuwait)
Directed by Dana al-Mojil,, +965-99713040An adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s tale set in Kuwait, this film highlights intriguing parallels between the contemporary social and political context of Kuwait and Alice’s Wonderland. (2011, 38 min)
Hamour (Qatar)
Directed by Suzannah Mirghani,, +974-55036013In this modern day fairytale set in Doha, a family of poor fishermen catch an extraordinary hamour fish and must decide whether to feast on it or sell it. (2011, 10 min)
Nations and Tribes (UAE)
Directed by Maysoon al-Ali,, +97150-3471957A journey through the daily lives of people of various ethnicities residing in the UAE, this film explores the similarities of cultures and rituals and invites us to celebrate the differences. (2011, 9 min)
Rabbit Hole (UAE)
Directed by Fatima Musharbek,, +97150-3471957This documentary film examines the challenge of maintaining Emirati identity in the context of globalization. It considers why so many young Arabs feel increasingly alienated from their culture. (2011, 22 min)
Sabeel (UAE)
Directed by Khalid al-Mahmood, khalidalmahmood@gmail.comTwo small boys live with their sick grandmother in the mountains of the UAE. They sell vegetables to earn enough money to buy medicine for her. This film depicts the contours of their lives. (2010, 20 min)